The Sentimental Value Things Hold

The Sentimental Value Things Hold 19 November 2017 Seeker of meaning, I am the type of person who assigns sentimental value to certain physical things and objects. This may seem like an inherently human thing to do, but I do so on a very deep level. There are some people who don't find such value … Continue reading The Sentimental Value Things Hold

Seeker’s Choice I

30 October 2017 Seeker, I have many ideas and thoughts I would like to share with you. However, it is also important for me to see what you would like me to write about. Therefore, I have created a poll where you may choose the topic (from a list of a few options) you would … Continue reading Seeker’s Choice I

Two Questions I Ask to (Almost) Truly Get to Know Someone

29 October 2017 Seeker, Whenever I meet someone and get to know them, I tend to focus on who they are as people in terms of the way they think rather than simply on the surface level of what they say/advocate for (of course, both matter, but the underlying thought process reveals more). For the … Continue reading Two Questions I Ask to (Almost) Truly Get to Know Someone

Song of the Air Conditioner

October 28, 2017 Seeker of meaning, Have you ever heard of the song of the Air Conditioner? Of the AC? It’s a song that is usually always playing in most indoor locations. A song we hear all the time. But we don’t notice it. We don't notice it. We don't notice it... Until it suddenly... … Continue reading Song of the Air Conditioner

Memories from Cold Times

26 October 2017 Seeker, This time of the year, this series of days, is always one of my favorites each year... It is finally the beginning of the cold(ish) season where I'm from. This means chilly days and nice gusts of air as you walk around, feeling the goodness which permeates your surroundings. Now, where … Continue reading Memories from Cold Times

Seek, Don’t Sleep

25 October 2017 Seeker, I attend quite a few events, meetings, and competitions each year. Each one of these events provides useful benefits and resources which I tend to utilize to their full extent (information, lectures, pamphlets, etc.) However, what I have realized between the time of attending my first events and now is that … Continue reading Seek, Don’t Sleep