This is a page with a few of my past and ongoing projects. These projects range from purely STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) projects to business projects to research projects.

Some of the projects were done in teams, while some were done entirely myself.

There are two purposes for this page:

  1. To demonstrate the importance of being able to work both in a team and by yourself for any project (one is not superior to the other).
  2. To inspire you to pursue your projects and ideas.

I am a strong believer that a person’s ability to pursue projects they devised themselves and are passionate about shows much more about that person than their ability to complete projects forced upon them. Of course, both are necessary skills to have, but the latter does not present the entire picture of the individual.

So, seeker of meaning, I hope the following presentation of projects and ideas fulfills those purposes for you.

And remember: right now is always the best time to take the next step on your idea.

P.S. I have a Tips section on my blog which will include tips on how to come up with an idea or take that next step. Hopefully that will help as well.

Past Major Projects

Gnoseis (2015-16)

Completed with 4 others: Simon Tsaoussis, Hans Reuckschnat, Christopher Perez, Alexander Cordero

My Roles: Head of code analysis and product testing

Current Major Projects

TIER Mini Black Box (2016-)

Completed with 4 others: Hans Reuckschnat, Christopher Perez, Alexander Cordero, David Perez

My Roles: Head of project design management and team delegation

RecycloTrash: Barcodes v. CV (2016-)

Completed with 1 other: David Perez

My Roles: Idea originator, head of hardware, project leader

More Information at:

Note: Five other current projects will be posted on here when they become public. Generally, they are in the areas of cyber-security, psychology, computer/electronic design, STEM Integration, and simplicity in media. Three are group projects and two are individual.