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Welcome to the official site for Jesus Rene Capo Jr.

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Overview of Site

On the surface, the purpose of this site is to share my ideas on everything from life to STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) to important skills on my blog (click here to go to the blog page). You will also find my previous and ongoing projects and some miscellaneous information (contact information, news, etc.)

Brief Overview of Jesus Capo

A brief overview of myself – I am a junior in high school who is the STEM President at my school. However this doesn’t explain the full story. If you would like to know more, please refer to the ‘About’ Page which is found in the table of contents above.

The True Purpose of the Site

I would like this site to inspire those who have interests in not only STEM but also on thought and writing. A recurring topic on the site which you may notice is one of the importance of a symbiotic relationships between the sciences and writing.

One of the issues nowadays is one where people are looked upon as being either a ‘science and math’ person or a ‘writing’ person. Generally, once a person is placed in either two of the categories, they are socially stuck there. However, the issue with this is that both areas rely on each other.

Without writing, all ideas of scientific nature would not reach the general public in an easily-understandable manner. Many great thinkers may roam the Earth, but if they don’t have the ability to share their ideas in such a way, their thoughts will not go very far.

One of my goals is to change this current way of thinking.

I am seen by many as the ‘the STEM guy’, for I am heavily involved in STEM-related activities and areas. But I would also like to demonstrate the importance of proper use of English and rhetoric to convey my findings and ideas.

I hope this greater goal shall be reached soon so that we may all relish in the sharing of all our ideas to form an elaborate discussion which includes people from all walks of life. For there is much more to discover in the minds of all who roam the Earth.

Keep thinking, seeker of meaning.

-Jesus Capo Jr