Song of the Air Conditioner

October 28, 2017 Seeker of meaning, Have you ever heard of the song of the Air Conditioner? Of the AC? It’s a song that is usually always playing in most indoor locations. A song we hear all the time. But we don’t notice it. We don't notice it. We don't notice it... Until it suddenly... … Continue reading Song of the Air Conditioner

Seek, Don’t Sleep

25 October 2017 Seeker, I attend quite a few events, meetings, and competitions each year. Each one of these events provides useful benefits and resources which I tend to utilize to their full extent (information, lectures, pamphlets, etc.) However, what I have realized between the time of attending my first events and now is that … Continue reading Seek, Don’t Sleep

Writing – The True Purpose

22 October 2017 Seeker of meaning, Writing is a beautiful thing. With one's own words, stories can be told. Ideas may be shared. Legends will be remembered. Most importantly, writing is a tool which allows the readers to have true insight on the mind and thoughts of the writer. What lies beneath the surface of … Continue reading Writing – The True Purpose