About Jesus Capo

IMG_3495Jesus Capo Jr is a sophomore in college who is the school’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) president and has advanced the school’s STEM presence.

Jesus Capo greatly believes in the importance of the following 5 ideas/concepts:

  • Practical application of what is learned to the ‘real world’
  • Experience through unique projects and activities, both in groups and individually (inspired by a source such as school, but ultimately the choice of the individual. Not forced)
  • Simplification of ideas to attract seekers of knowledge, rather than repel through unnecessary confusion
  • Intentions and true meanings/purposes (in essence, what is on the surface of anything is nearly worthless compared to the reason behind it)
  • The ‘gray area’ of specialization (where science meets English, a physicist is an excellent storyteller; a engineer, an expert on psychology)

The following are lists which describe Jesus Capo.

Jesus Capo – Interests and Skills

  • Engineering
    • Biomedical
    • Electrical (Soldering, circuitry, etc.)
    • Computer (Coding, compiler creation, etc.)
  • Product Design, Creation, and Implementation
    • AutoDesk Inventor
  • Psychology
    • Social/Group & Leaders
    • Intentions/Underlying Reasons
  • Writing
    • Sharing of Ideas (Blog, allegories, metaphors to teach lessons/explain concepts, etc.)
    • Academic Research Papers
  • Leadership

Jesus Capo – Most Notable Achievements

  • Pete Conrad Scholar (1st Place Winner in Cyber-Technology and Security at Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge for TIER Mini Black Box Project)
  • ISEF Finalist (RecycloTrash Project)
  • SSEF 3rd Place (RecycloTrash Project)

Jesus Capo – Societies and Organizations

I hope this page gives a general idea of who I am, what I do, and how I think. But always remember, seeker of meaning, you’ll only truly understand me through my words and how I write and articulate my ideas. Seeing past the words and into my mind and thoughts.

But that applies to everyone. It adds such an interesting and new depth to everything, and through my writings, I will show you just how exciting it all really is.

-Jesus Capo Jr