The Origin of my Thoughts

The Origin of my Thoughts

20 December 2018

Seeker of meaning,

How do I know which of my thoughts truly originated from me?

How can I know if my thoughts are mine, or if I only think the way I think because others’ thoughts and opinions have unknowingly become part of my own thoughts and opinions?

If thoughts are interpretations of potential or existing thoughts, events, objects, and people, then what percentage of the composition of a specific thought must be completely my own in order for me to call it my thought?

It seems that an answer to this may be that a thought is originally mine if it includes others’ thoughts because I form a uniquely new thought which uses the combined thoughts of others’, similar to how I can use different types of wood to make a table even though I didn’t invent the wood itself.

But even then, how do I know that the process of combining the thoughts is my own process? That it is, how do I know that I am not simply carrying out processes that I was, in a sense, trained to carry out?

And when I feel like a thought is completely mine and has not been influenced by others, how can I be completely sure that this is true?

Or how about if I think and/or do something because it feels expected to think of it or do it? The influence of others’ expectations, not actively forcing me to think in a certain way, an influence that I think I have full power to ignore. But although I do follow my own expectations and not others’, for I think my own expectations matter more, how do I know that my own expectations weren’t derived from others’ expectations?

I try to experience life in my own way, as I think all people should,

But is my desire for the life I want to live truly mine?

-Jesus Capo Jr

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