Originality and More – ALGoFH Pt. II, Page 49 (258-264)

Originality and More – ALGoFH Pt. II, Page 49 (258-264)

3 November 2018

Seeker of meaning,

This post contains a few excerpts from my typewriting musing project, A Little Game of Flowerton Hobberkle (ALGoFH). It dives into a few of my thoughts. Enjoy.

ALGoFH Pt II, Page 49 (Entries 258-164 (3 November 2018)

258 (Originality): Sometimes I don’t work on a project because I think that is has already been done before, that my idea isn’t all too original.

Then I worry that, perhaps, if my idea has already been done in a same or similar fashion, it will claimed by another, causing me troubles in the process, troubles that will make all the work which I thought to be my own original work to not be worth it. That all the hours and time I spent will be wasted because somebody else put in the time for the same idea before me (Ha! The clicking of the typewriter buttons is causing the papers on my desk to fall!)

But this notion raises a few questions… Namely, it questions what I value when doing a project or something special. Is the value and satisfaction I gain from a project from the credit I gain for completing it or for the project itself? I think that it is a combination of both, but that the actual project itself matters more.

So when thinking about whether or not I should work on a project, perhaps I should still carry it out even if it is possible that it has already been done, a possibility that may never be fully extinguished.

And yes, if I know with absolute certainty that a project I desire to work on has already been done, I wouldn’t plan on doing the same exact project, but, rather, adding my own twist to it, making it something new.

Because I want to create new things. Music, books, stories, products, thoughts, interpretations, movies, thoughts, feelings…

There might already exist ideas which I have already or will think of…

But I will always expand on them. I will always Jesúsify them.

259: Caught up with other things. No time to write down my ideas and thoughts.

260: It would be nice to see better new ideas in the world. To know that great ideas are being newly generated is to show that there can and will be ideas that have not been worked on before. But to see that the same exact ideas are constantly being regenerated is to show that either people aren’t thinking of new ideas, or that there aren’t any potential great ideas left.

And I mean ideas that have practical purpose, not all just idealistic ideas that serve no purpose.

(Add-on post original writing): I think that there will always be new potential ideas. And I will discover them.

262: Stirling engine…

263 (Post-Writing Notes): Oh! I forgot about this one! I may share this one at some other points, but it has to do with a dream I had today which I plan on incorporating in a book.

I hope you enjoyed, Seeker. If you desire more ALGoFH, be sure to tell me.

-Jesus Capo Jr

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