To Write, or to Live? – ALGoFH Pt. I, 160

To Write, or to Live? – ALGoFH Pt. I, 160

21 September 2018

Seeker of meaning,

This post contains an entry from a project I’ve been working on for quite some time which involves musings I write on my typewriter. Currently, there are hundreds of such musings which were the result of my many different experimental writing and thought methods.

This is an ongoing project, and I will be posting some of the excerpts from time to time on my blog, so it should be rather interesting. (Note that some minor changes will be done to the text for legibility purposes, but the overall meaning will stay the same).

I call the book which contains my musings A Little Game of Flowerton Hobberkle (ALGoFH), which will may more sense in future posts.

So, here’s one of my favorite excerpts:

ALGoFH Pt I, Entry 160 (19 May 2018)

One of my fears is that if I don’t write enough, I will lose all of my thoughts into the limbo void and that I will miss out on an idea that my brain conceived. So many ideas can be created or lost by simply changing when I write them, what happened during that day, the song I listen to as I write, the presence of a timer, who’s around me, what I happen to be thinking about at a given moment, my prior experiences, etc.

All of these are constantly changing: they are variable. And so there are so many potential and changing ideas that come and go that I am not able to write about. This is why I don’t like when my typewriter is not being used, because I know that every second away is another second that an idea could have been written down.

But I shouldn’t just spend my entire life on my typewriter since most of my experiences in my life are not at my typewriter. Therefore, I desire to experience life beyond simply documenting my thoughts and/or ideas. I need to experience life in order to produce such ideas…

But there’s just a specific feeling to writing down my ideas. Now, I also know that even if i don’t write down all of my ideas right when I’m conscious of them, they will still potentially be buried in my subconscious mind and, therefore, they may influence other even greater ideas or present themselves again in the future.

So it’s not entirely a bad thing to not write down every single one of my ideas all the time. There will always be more.

There will always be more…

-Jesus Capo Jr

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