Dependence: It Shouldn’t Come to This (Experimental Prose, EP)

2 November 2017

(Note: This is a work of fiction, but the lessons presented are real )

Dependence: It Shouldn’t Come to This

The problem we caused. The problem we could have fixed.

They claimed they had the solution to the issue. And we believed them.

So we just sat around and didn’t care about the issue.

We knew about it since we were young, and we were told that it would be fixed by “Them”. We were told that “They” would relieve us from our worries. There was no doubt in our minds that the “Others” would eliminate every threat.

But what we hadn’t known was that nobody was taking care of the issue. There were so many claims that the “Others” were on top of it all that there were no “Others”.

Then we realized… we should have been the “Others”. We should have been “Them”. We should have been “They”.

But it was too late, and every opportunity available had vanished.

And in our final moments, we knew that we were the real problem.

Through our collective over-dependence and naivety, we were led to our demise.

For over time, we had all become dependent.

Until there was no one left to depend on.

-Jesus Capo Jr

P.S.  I call this an experimental prose (EP) because the structure is like a poem but it doesn’t have other elements of poems. Plus, most of my poems are more focused on an object or idea and aren’t themed in this dark way.

Oh yeah! And this specific EP is part of a larger project I’m working on. More on that soon.

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