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27 October 2017

Ever since this site’s inception, I have tested multiple website layouts in order to discover the layout which best emphasizes simplicity and minimalism while also offering an intuitive user navigation/site exploration.

However, after discussing with a few of my peers who I asked to test their experience on the website, I discovered that my current website layout at the time did not fully meet the user experience criteria specified above (difficult navigation/exploration, too many page links, complicated menu, etc.)

So, last night I changed the look of the site to one which I thought would be much simpler to navigate/explore.

This means:

  • Nicer and crisper-looking design
  • Latest posts on the home page
  • Easy-to-find search bar
  • Simple menu
  • And a bit more

I think this change will lead to a much smoother and enhanced experience for you, seeker. And hopefully you will find what you seek on this site more efficiently after this change.

Also, please comment on this blog post on how your experience is with this new layout and, if you tested the previous layout before the change, how the new one compares to the old one. Plus, if you have any other ideas for the site or blog, please mention those as well.

This isn’t the typical post on the blog, but I thought it would be beneficial to mention, for any and all feedback you provide will be of great benefit to the site.

Thank you, seeker, and I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions.

-Jesus Capo Jr

P.S. There are a few lessons/meanings within this post even though it isn’t my typical post. But I just wanted to mention that even ‘update’ posts like this one have their hidden meanings. 

Keep seeking!

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