Memories from Cold Times

26 October 2017


This time of the year, this series of days, is always one of my favorites each year…

It is finally the beginning of the cold(ish) season where I’m from. This means chilly days and nice gusts of air as you walk around, feeling the goodness which permeates your surroundings.

Now, where I’m from, there isn’t really a ‘winter’ like the way it is in other parts of the United States and the world. ‘Winters’ here are generally a time where the temperature will, at most, only be in the low 60s (maybe low 50s on a rare day). And even then, this usually only occurs in the morning and not throughout the entire day.

But despite the rarity and lack of intensity of the experience, this sudden drop in temperature and introduction of the cool breeze enhances many aspects of my life.

Now, I have had many of my greatest experiences in areas with cool climates. And what the cold does is bring all the memories of my times at such interesting and amazing places to the forefront of my mind; I feel and re-experience everything once again as if I’m present at such locations, back in those memorable moments.

So when I contemplate about why I love the cold, I must remember:

The cold draws forth some of my best memories.

And it is in the cold where I shall create more.

-Jesus Capo Jr


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