Seek, Don’t Sleep

25 October 2017


I attend quite a few events, meetings, and competitions each year. Each one of these events provides useful benefits and resources which I tend to utilize to their full extent (information, lectures, pamphlets, etc.)

However, what I have realized between the time of attending my first events and now is that the true importance of the event is not in what you are given but in how you take advantage of the potential opportunities in such an event.

An Example

Person A attends a conference where there are multiple lectures from some of the brilliant minds of the world. He/she attentively listens, takes notes, and focuses on the lectures down to the last detail, along with the rest of the attendees. Person A leaves the conference happy that he/she ‘took advantage of every given opportunity’.

Person B attends the same conference. However, rather than sitting with the rest of the crowd, Person B fulfills his/her true purpose for attending the conference: to personally talk to and establish connections with 3 specific people which apply directly to his line of work/interests. So, instead of obtaining the information which the speakers provide to the entire group, Person B expands his network of contacts and now has access to all of the opportunities provided through the conference as well as the ability to ask any questions he would like to his/her newly acquired contacts.

In both scenarios, each person believed they took most advantage of the situation. However, the difference is that Person B took it upon him/herself to seek out the possible potential opportunities which apply specifically to him/her. While Person A only focused on what was directly told to be the purpose of the conference, Person B used the conference as a vehicle to fulfill his/her true purpose.

Of course, both people in the scenarios get much out of the conference (advice, information, etc.), but Person B is the one who stands out, the one who didn’t follow the crowd. Person B will be remembered.

So, you should always look beyond what is given to you and what your given opportunities are in any situation. For if you create your own purposes and take advantage of every potential opportunity in every situation, you will be seen not as one who sleeps, but one who seeks.

Take care, seeker.

-Jesus Capo Jr

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