Group Delegation: The Key to Smoothness

23 October 2017

Seeker of advice,

I have only been the STEM president at my high school for over a year (as of the current date of this writing), but I have learned many lessons throughout that time.

I have started this tip with the previous statement to show that although I do have experience in leadership and project management, I am still learning day by day. There are undoubtedly many others who have much more experience than me, but I believe that the information I will present will be of use for anybody reading my posts, experienced or inexperienced.

Now, first on the stand is the importance of delegation.

When part of group project, the purpose of being in the group is to alleviate the pressure off of each group member and to maximize efficiency. However, in many cases, a group leader or one individual may feel the need to complete all the work within the group themselves, taking all the burden.

I have committed the mistake of doing what I previously mentioned on multiple occasions. However, as I began to lead and partake in many more group-based projects, I realized that, as the group leader, it was my responsibility not to complete every task in the group myself, but to delegate the work among the team members, each which had a set of unique skills.

After switching to a method of skillful delegation, assigning each group member to a task which fully utilized the member’s potential in their unique skills, the groups ran much more smoothly and each team member had significantly less stress.

And through this new method of delegation, more goals were reached.

The key is to remember that if you are leading a group where you feel as if you must do all the work yourself, then the group members aren’t fulfilling their roles properly. The cause of this may be the lack of passion of the group members or simply poor delegation.

So, with passionate group members and proper delegation, a group is capable of achieving their goal with ease.

And knowing your group ran smoothly during the process leads to a much more satisfying feeling when the end goal is reached.

-Jesus Capo Jr

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