Research Circles – A Great Research Tool

Research Circles - The Greatest Research Tool 15 November 2017 Seeker, If you've ever conducted research which involves dozens of articles and/or books, then you know that sometimes the managing of such sources can be a hassle. Realizing this, I began to do something which assists in the visualization of sources and the relationships among … Continue reading Research Circles – A Great Research Tool

Seek, Don’t Sleep

25 October 2017 Seeker, I attend quite a few events, meetings, and competitions each year. Each one of these events provides useful benefits and resources which I tend to utilize to their full extent (information, lectures, pamphlets, etc.) However, what I have realized between the time of attending my first events and now is that … Continue reading Seek, Don’t Sleep

That Song in Your Mind

That Song in Your Mind 26 November 2017 Seeker, Sometimes when I write, there's a specific song I'm thinking of that's playing in my mind which evokes the feelings of what is I'm writing about. It would be nice to have those songs instantly play in your mind when you read my posts. Because although … Continue reading That Song in Your Mind